Concerts and performances.


Since Angelina entered the world stage in 2014 she has delivered many public performances and concerts. 

This page gives an overview over Angelina's public performances through the years, in chronological order.

For most performances there is more information available. Browse through the years and press the link for the particular performance for recordings, pictures and "extra material".

This page is under construction and new material will be added regularly.

You will also find links to the Forum for performances. In the Forum you are invited to discuss the various performances with fellow Angelina-fans.

The list is not complete and the information is given to the best of our knowledge. If you have something to add to the list, extra material or want to correct any mistakes, please send a message to the webmaster or leave a comment below. Enjoy!

Upcoming Performances !


The following upcoming performances and concerts of Angelina are confirmed:

July   9 Concert  Kurbadhagen Sandefjord Norway Read more
    8 Concert Kongsberg Jazz Festival Kongsberg Norway Read more

Concerts and performances

Click on the year to get an overview of Angelina's performances and concerts.







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