Zeus Emerson Reaction Videos for Angelina Jordan

Emerson was one of the first reactors who discovered  Angelina Jordan. He appeared with "I Put A Spell On You" in February 2019 and have given his  heart and soul to Angelina Jordan ever since. Whenever she drops a new video he is there with his emotional and engaged reactions.

Emerson is truly a legend who have been around "forever".

He was given a place in our Angelina Jordan Reactors Hall of Fame in April of 2021 by Editors Choice.

If you appreciate his channel leave him a message in the bottom of the page for others to read and learn to know him, maybe he will read it as well eventually.

If you find there is a video missing please leave a link to the it in the comment section and it we will add it to this page.

Zeus Angelina Jordan playlist

Zeus Youtube channel

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